Organizations are a node within a network of multiple actors who interact, generate information flows, and have their own interests, values and agendas.

In ICC CRISIS we build and execute Communication and Public Affairs strategies- with a strong base on research, information and data, to influence in perceptions and relations of our clients with their stakeholders.

What makes us unique?


The First Communication Consulting Agency in Chile

ICC CRISIS was founded in 1989 by its current CEO, Francisco Javier Celedón, at a time of deep changes in the country. The Chilean society was marked by great unrest and uncertainty. Companies and institutions were forced to redefine their codes, symbols, the way of relating with the clients, consumers, citizens and authorities, their identity and image.

Today, reality is different, yet not less complex. We live in a mediatized society of networks, of demanding citizens and consumers, plenty of them organized and willing to exercise their power. We live in a society of expectations, where trust and legitimacy are the most valuable and scarce assets.

ICC CRISIS has experienced this changes by advising companies of all economic sectors, private and public, government institutions, organizations, foundations, and business and political leaders.